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Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership


sue3Susana Sauret-Gueto collaborates with the SPAN project as a scientific advisor. She is a plant biologist, specially interested in understanding how plant organs, like leaves and petals, grow into their diversity of shapes suited for their biological function, an area she explored as a post-doctoral researcher in Enrico Coen’s group at the John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK).

She has a broad range of interests, among them walking the landscape with the Greenman walking club in Norwich UK, an initiative she set up with Toni’s help, that brought together people from different backgrounds (mainly from John Innes Centre, Institue of Food Research and University of East Anglia) to explore the Norfolk countryside.

Apart from science, her creativity has always found a way through visual arts. In this occasion, she’s been very helpful with the layout and setting up of this blog.

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  1. Many thanks for taking time to create “Collaborations – SPAN Ecopoetry”.

    Thank you once again ,Heather

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